Wow!I am ten years old today

文章日期:12/29/2010 12:50 pm

             Wow!I am ten years old today. I am really happy.
             First,I eat breakfast and lunch at home. After lunch, I play with my father and sister.Then we go to the Brands & Products Expo.We buy two bottles of drink and a pack of french fries.About one hour latter,we go home. On the way home,we see a shop who is selling pancake!It smells good,so I buy one.It's green-tea favour,it's my favorite.
             When we arrive home,we play "A Game Of Life". It's a game I bought yesterday.It is very funny.After dinner,we watch a film at home.It's name is "Alpha and Omega".Then,we play for a while and sleep.
              What a wonderful day!