School Sport Day 2012

文章日期:04/05/2012 02:09 pm

    Today was the sport day of my school. I arrived the sport field at eight twenty. After our school principal presented an opening speech for the opening ceremony, the competitions began.


    The first competition was the running competition. My classmate, Elaine and I represented my class, 5A, to participate in it . Elaine is a fast runner, she always wins the first prize. I haven’t practiced it before, really not. So I knew I wouldn’t win, but I didn’t want to be the last one. That’s so embarrassing!


    “Pop!!”The competition started. I could feel the other seven students were all running faster than me. When I think I must be the last student to finish the competition, I heard my mum and my friend, Sena cheering for me! Although they weren’t yelling  loud, but it was very heartening to me. So I used all of my power to run. I could feel the wind striking at me. I could feel my face seem to drop down by the wind. I could feel I wasn’t the last runner.


   Finally, the competition was over. Guess what? I won the second prize! Wait! Don’t be too exhilarate.  Actually, I got the second prize for running the slowest. Ha! A funny joke. Right?


    Although I didn’t win, but I was also in a good mood because I wasn’t the last runner. Besides, our class cheering team won the champion. Cheers!


Ha! What a sport day!