Sweet Mum Design Competition@Clothes Making

文章日期:07/26/2012 10:17 am

Today, I went to the Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (
明愛白英奇專業學校) for the preparation and recording of  “Sweet Mum Design Competition” . Although this morning I have arrived there on time, I waited for the famous designer Nel Nel for a long time, but it was worth. When Nel Nel arrived with his cool DIY shoes, we started to shoot a scene for the event.


    First, we talked about my designs which were making a “Happy Bird Dress” for my mum. He asked me some technical questions and many constructive opinions. The director prompted him to add more, just to show off before the camera.


    After they have filmed many useful shots, I went to a room which is full of sewing machines. It was like the factories in movies. It was so awesome! Then, I sat down with the two design students who were going to help me to design my clothes. We had a serious discussion. I realized to design a clothes and to be a designer is really difficult! To be a designer, it is so important to have creativity and much knowledge about different textures of cloth. To design a clothing, I had to think of many details.


    The female design student was so nice and enthusiastic. Today she will go to Mong Kok and she volunteer to help us to buy the shoes. At first, I worried that we would not have enough time to finish our work, but finally, we were so effective that we completed our mission on time. I was so delighted!

Filming my personal profile.

My orginal design.

Take photo with Nel Nel and the two design students.

Say Goodbye to Nel Nel.

So many different materials to choose.

Our drafts.

Discuss with the two design students.