Book Report @ Full Moon Fever

文章日期:09/19/2012 02:23 pm

    I don't like reading English book before, but one book changed my mind. The title of it is Full Moon Fever' ,which is in Goosebumps series .


   The book is about a girl named Robbie. She and her sister, Alesha, got full moon fever after looking at the full moon on Halloween night. Then, they became half human and half wolf! So they went to Grandpa John's house to ask him how to cure it. It was because Grandpa John was the people who told  them Full Moon Fever story. If he did not tell so, Robbie and Alesha wouldn't look at the full moon.


    This book is mainly about Robbie and Alesha 's adventure about how to cure Full Moon Fever. On their way, they met many peoples : a old woman living in the forest , a bad scientist who caught them and asked them to earn money in a carnival , the weird  Mrs Eakins......all of them could change Robbie and Alesha's life. It is so exciting and I could not stop reading this interesting book till it ended!


    The author write with exquisite and ingenious. When I read it, I felt I was Robbie because the author describe the things in great details! For example, he described the fur of the wolf ,I can really feel as if it is standing in front of me and I can touch and feel it.


  Believe me , Full Moon Fever is an excellent book. The words are not too hard but the content is very interesting . Out of my expectation , the ending of the story is so amazing! It makes me want to read the next book very much! I f you want to know the ending , read by yourself!

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