DGS Interview

文章日期:11/17/2012 06:03 pm

         Today was a sunny Saturday. After school, I went to DGS (Diocesan Girls School) for an interview.

At one o'clock, we arrived at DGS. This was a very magnificent school. Wow! It was my dream school! When I went inside the school, I saw many grand steps just in front of a little garden. I took my seat in the waiting room. There were approximately fifty to sixty students and most of them wore school uniform. A woman explained to us the rundown of the interview , then a tall teacher lead twenty of us upstairs to start our interview.

First, it was the Chinese test. I sat on my chair nervously and so were the other three girls who was in my group. We had one minute to introduce ourselves, then we started the group discussion which last for four minutes.

       We discussed about Hong Kong kids (
港孩)but I did not have too much idea. So, I made up some news,Um.....I have watched a news before, it was about a kid...........I think that kid was not independent enough. This is the main problems of Hong Kong kids. What do you think? I thought I did not do well in this part because I was too anxious and uneasy.

        Then, I went to another room to have the Problems Solving Test. A man told me that I have three minutes to solve two problems. I know I would not have enough time to finish two problems so I only chose one to answer. The question asked me to use three sticks to make up five alphabets. Well, it was quiet easy to me. However, when I was showing my answers to the two teachers, I forgot to show them the letter'V' accidentally! When I remember the alphabet again, I have already finished the test!

       After the first two tests, I felt more relax. What kind of interview will be the next? I thought to myself. Oh, it was Maths. I know that the Math Test of DGS was really hard from my friends, but after I noticed some of the questions, I did not think so. Actually, it was not that difficult at all ! It was just like'187-34x3'or'98,46s H.C.F'. 

Sometimes I did not know the answer and I said 'skip' as the instruction asked me to do so. Then, a cool woman in  black suit would touch the screen of the iPad to skip through that question. So I think this test was quiet easy to handle and was enjoyable and amusing.

Lastly, I went to a room with another three students to have our English Test. We came in one by one because we had to read aloud an essay and I was the first one to attend the test. I read aloud the essay loudly and clearly. Then, the others came in and read the essay one by one. I listened to them carefully to see if their English was good enough or not. Honestly, I thought I read the essay the best. Ha! Ha!

      When we were going to leave the room, the fat native speaker said to us suddenly,
Okay......now we are going to have an English Group Discussion. All of you will have one minute to read about the topic. Then you may start the discussion which last for four minutes.

        English Discussion! I had to try my best. Wow! The instruction sheet asked us to talk about 'What can we do to make English fun'. This was a good topic! I was the third one to talk, I think we can introduce a book everyday so that students can speak more English and other student can read more interesting books. What do you think about it? I spoke quite a lot in this part because I have many ideas. Although I spoke a lot, I gave many chance to another student to express their opinions. Therefore, I think I perform well in this part.

        Times always past so quickly. It was already the end of the interview. I wanted to interview more schools because I found it with great fun. We walked down the grand staircase again to go back to the ground floor. I was really tired but it was worth. Why did I say that? It was because the feeling of walking down the grand stairs was excellent! I would never forget it. This was one of the most important part of my interview!

        Finally, I left DGS with my mum and sister  and we had a delicious tea time  happily. I am looking forward to my next interview!

My happy tea time near the school

WL at 01/21/2013 11:43 am comment

我女兒都有去參加面試可惜落敗了, 你呢成功了嗎? 你好叻女啊!

Ning Ning at 01/23/2013 07:41 pm reply

oh really? I was only in the reserve list, but I believe that Jesus will let me go to the school which can impress and nourish me most. Hope your daughter can find a good secondary school!

LoStephanie at 12/01/2012 04:51 pm comment

Wow!That's great! I went to interview too!

Ning Ning at 01/23/2013 07:41 pm reply

Haha! nice!!