English Day Camp

文章日期:01/07/2013 08:09 pm

A variety of worms gathered on the tree, which looked like plenty of dark rolls. It was extremely disgusting. There were at least forty worms there. The worms are black and dark brown , their bodies could divided into four pieces easily. On their body, there were many sharp stinging hair. Although they were small and short, if we were hurt by them, it could cause big problems and pain.

Don’t misunderstand that I am now in a horrible rain forest. Actually, I just went to the English Day Camp organized by my school. No, no!  It’s not any day camp, it was totally a nightmare!!

Today was a cold Monday. At nine o’clock in the morning, I got on our school bus with my classmates. It was very sunny in the camp site so I took off my clothes immediately after I arrived at the destination. The camp site was really small. Well, we could only played games on the grassland and the hall.

This English Day Camp was called ‘The cops and the Robber’. I was in Group2 which acted as the robber. I was glad to hear that because we had a camp song—‘Police Chase Song’. The part of police was very funny and they needed to sing stupid words such as ‘Woop-Woop’.

Each group had a teacher and mine was Miss Dodo. Most of the teachers were native speakers, only Miss Chan and a few teachers weren’t. I felt lucky because Miss Dodo was kind and friendly. In this camp we could only speak English so I thought Miss Chan’s group (group1) was most fruitful because she was taught a lot.

Mr. Wright was the DJ. He told us that he received ten diamond eggs as Christmas present but he lost nine of them! So, our first game was to find the other nine diamond eggs by reading the clues. It was so boring but most of my classmates enjoy the game very much.

After we made a stupid cheer slogan, we started to play some indoor games. The first game called ‘The big River Escape’. In this game, we need to use two pieces of newspaper, one linked by the other, to reach by the other side. When I stepped on the first piece of newspaper, I put the second one in front of me so I could stand on that one and moved forward.  We played hard as if we were really going to escape from the jail.

We also used newspaper, rope, card board…to make a safe cover and to protect the diamond eggs. We needed to throw it down from the first floor to the ground to see if the egg was hurt or not. It was fun!

At lunch we ate some salad, a box of spaghetti, a chicken leg and a box of lemon tea. It was delicious but I only ate a little. Then, we played a few outdoor games and these games were excellent! I enjoyed the game ‘Don’t drop the Bomb’ most. In this game, we needed to use a spoon to carry a diamond egg. My group wasted a few minutes but we won at last because the other group walked too slow as they worried the egg would fall down. Fortunately, we found out that it wouldn’t deduct points if our egg fall down from the spoon, so we walked really fast (almost running) and won the game. Ha! Ha!

Finally, we did a drama. My group acted scene 2 and I acted as student 2. When we were performing, I only needed to say, ‘Mr. Wright was a good teacher. He loved his students as much as his diamond eggs!’ How nice! However, this was not the main point—the main point was we met a lot of worms on the tree when my group was practising the drama!

Do you know how ugly and sickening the worms were!? I guess you won’t understand that unless you see one . This is such an unforgettable experience!