A letter to the Chief Executive

文章日期:01/14/2013 06:35 pm

Dear Chief Executive ,


    Hi. I am writing on fact of Hong Kong . I think Hong Kong is a beautiful and smart city but there are still some problems. I think the problems of the elderly is most important . The elderly can't get enough food to eat and they are poor too. Besides, Kong Hong has too much cars therefore the air pollution is serious.


    I live in Causeway Bay. In my neighbourhood , there are a variety of homeless and helpless people who are really poor. Most of them are elderly so they do not have enough energy to work to earn money. They have no home , they can only use paper to 'build' a house under the bridge or around some anonymous small streets. I really want to help them!


    In addition, Hong Kong's air pollution is very serious. When I go to school in North Point, I sometimes feel really hard to breath, but this is not the worst thing----the worst thing is when I am walking outside around Causeway Bay or even at inside my home, I will suffer from suffocative catarrh with difficulties in breathing in fresh air. Since I have asthma, large amount of fresh air and unpolluted environment is most important to me.


   Thank you for reading my letter. I hope that you will be able to raise these matters at your next council meeting and improve Hong Kong to a better city.


Yours faithfully,


 Charis Law

14th January, 2013.