Ying Wah Girl's School Interview

文章日期:03/21/2013 05:34 pm

Today was a cool Saturday and I went to interview again, just like one Saturday afternoon I visited DGS.

This school was a bit old but it was acceptable as it was a temporary school site only. The hall was crowed and there were some secondary school students walking around busily. I found my friend in church, Mani, sitting far behind me in casual wear. After a while, the vice principal conducted a quick introduction about the run down. It seemed that the interview will take a long time.
  I waited, waited, waited and waited. I saw one group left one by one. I read my book a chapter by a chapter until I have finished the whole book, Percy Jackson. I looked at my watch and found out surprisingly that I have waited for two hours!  Oh please, I didn't have any mood to interview now. I just wanted to leave!!

I saw the secondary school students eating snacks and chatting nosily and that made me wanted to eat some tasty snack very much. 'Please stand up,' a secondary school student asked us to stand up. ‘Hurray!' I whispered to myself as we could finally go to look at the topic of the picture composition. The picture was about a man stealing a woman's wallet and ran away but then he met a beggar. So, we need to think of the ending ourselves which is very easy. After five minutes, a student led us upstairs.
Each group had five girls, the numbers were ABCDE and I was student B. Before I went inside the classroom, student A went inside and finished the picture description. Actually, I have totally no mood to interview anymore as I waited too long and I was a bit nervous too. Also, the timer here was really bad, it was very misleading as the words were small and the color wasn't match which made it messy. So I didn't do well although I have thought of a wonderful story.

Then, we had the group discussion. The students in my group were mean because they always stared unfriendly at someone who spoke. They also raced hard to speak first. I almost couldn't find a way to say something and expressed my ideas. The students in DGS (both the secondary school students or the student sitting for interview) were more polite, really!
  Finally, I left this school happily.  This was really an awful experience!