Belilios Interview

文章日期:03/28/2013 04:17 pm

Belilios Inteview


Well, I have to say, it was a beautiful Saturday today. I walked along a long slope with my family and arrived at the school.


A student led us to a grand hall. While I was waiting, I read my book, Roald Dahl. After I read two chapters only, a student led my group, the five of us to a classroom. When we were walking, I saw a lot of beautiful art works along the corridor. It was so great! If I can study in this school, I must join the Art Club.


The first interview was an English Test. The student gave me an essay with four questions. The essay was quite easy to read aloud but there were some difficult medical terms which were quite hard to read. I used the help of phonics, so I managed to go through it.


Then, it was the “Question Part”. I thought the questions were the four questions below so I did not really read the meaning of the essay, but I was wrong. The four questions below were the “Grammar Part” which was separate from the essay. However, I respond quickly and passed all the questions smoothly. I also did the “Grammar Part “well which was quite easy.


After the English Test, it was time for the Chinese one. A student said to me kindly,” Now you can go for the Chinese Test.” I went to the right side but I wasn't sure was that the right room so I asked another student to make sure and she answered quickly. The student here was so nice! I sat down on a chair and read my book again. While waiting, I saw a man in black suit looking at us, walked past the corridor. I remembered! He was the principal of this school. He was very nice too, he smiled to us.


When I was day dreaming, a ringing bell woke me up,” Ling! Ling ling...” It was time for me to study the question! I scanned the paper quickly. Oh! I was so surprise that there was also a read aloud part in the Chinese Test! However, that wasn't too hard. Although the read aloud part wasn't too hard, the others were really difficult.


I finished the Chinese test. I didn't think I was successful because the use of language part was hard.


When I had finished the interview, I could not find my sister and dad. So I became anxious and asked a student for help. After finding all the waiting rooms, we asked a teacher for help but it was useless. Finally, the student lent me her own mobile to call my dad. 'Stupid dad!' I murmured.


Unfortunately, her mobile was out of order and did not function well. Then a teacher led me to the office and so I can call my dad. I made a call as fast as I could. Then I went back to the hall. Meanwhile ,I saw my dad and sister coming .


Although this was a terrible experience, I realized that the students and teachers were so helpful and they helped me with patience!