The person I admire most

Do you have a person that you admire very much? That person may be your teacher or elders. However, to me, the one I admire most is my younger sister, Chairo.

        Chairo has big round eyes. She is very tall, the tallest in her class and almost as tall as I am. She has short hair and its shape is like a mushroom, so she is always called “mushroom-hair” by her classmates. Every time mum offers her some jobs to complete, she does it quickly and without hesitation. That’s why mum always call her a good helper.  

        When Chairo was studying Primary two, one day we were on our way to school, we met an elder with a lot of heavy luggages. While I was day-dreaming, Chairo stood up and yielded her seat to the elder. The elder thanked her a few times. Chairo looked pleased and replied the elder with a big smile. I was so surprised by her action. Even myself, her elder sister , wouldn’t have yielded my seat to others without thinking and hesitation!

        Once, I went to a park to play hide-and-seek with her. When she was chasing me cheerfully, I dashed to a pizza dude holding a box. I went head over hill with a great pain and so did Chairo , who was chasing after me. The box was opened when it fell down and turned out to be a pizza. The man was furious and told us off. I knew I had to compensate but I didn’t want to use my valuable pocket money and I was afraid that mum would lecture me. At that moment, Chairo gave the man three hundred dollars without saying anything. The man sneered and took it, then he left. I was shocked and blamed Chairo. “The man is so poor. He needs to go back to his shop and deliver the pizza again in this kind of hot day. It’s our fault so we need to be responsible for it!” said Chairo. I was amazed by her caring to the pizza dude. She was so responsible!

        Chairo can always cheer up others easily by telling jokes or doing funny facial expressions. I remember once I got hurt and needed to stay in hospital for the whole month, so I was really dejected. Whatever my parents did to cheer me up, I was just upset. However, Chairo didn’t given up. Although her jokes didn’t work to me, she made a cute mask and pretended to be my favorite character, Winnie the Pooh. Seeing her walking clumsily to pretend the fat bear, I bursted into a laughter. Chairo can always think of some unusual ways to complete something! At the same time, I was very touched.

        Chairo pays a lot respect to the elders. She has a kind heart and great courage. She also has an optimistic attitude. She is a helpful, responsible girl who is creative and humorous at the same time. Although she is younger than me, I have so many things to learn from her. Being Chairo’s sister is very lucky and I am proud to have such a wonderful sister.